Beth Industries Mineralion Brushing Brush (Large) Pink Cosmetic Hair Brush

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"Minella Lion Brushing Brush (Large) Pink" is a brush that uses soft Nylon hair that is gentle on the hair and the skin. Prevents split ends and hair breakage, and can be brushed while massaging the skin. In addition, the bristles of the brush contain ionic ore that generates negative ions. Ideal for those who are worried about damaged hair.


Category Cosmetics
Material ・ Item Hairbrush
Product brandBeth
(Main body)40*190*30(mm)
Precautions for use-When there is a scratch on the scalp, or when you feel abnormal, please do not use.
-Do not apply hair straightener directly to the brush, as it may cause deterioration of the brush body and the hair of the brush.
・ Do not hit the hot air of the dryer directly on the brush for a long time. There is a risk of deformation.
Quality indicationBody: AS resin
Hair: Nylon (containing ionic ore)
Heat resistance temperature: 80 degrees


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