Ne Rubberd Japan Nespresso Essencer Mini Lime Green D30GN Home Appliance Nespresso Machine

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"Nespresso Essence Mini Lime Green D30GN" is the most compact (*) coffee maker in Nespresso history, with no compromises in the quality of coffee that functions and extracts even with a small body. Pursuing simple beauty with rounded corners and smooth lines. Sophisticated design that fits in kitchens, living rooms, and Plat eve spaces where space is limited. You can choose the amount of extraction from two types, espresso (40 ml) and lungo (110 ml).
(*) September 2017 manufacturer investigation


Category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Nespresso machine
Product brandNESPRESSO (Nesspresso)
Set contentNespresso Coffee Capsule Grand Crusette, Welcome Plowshire
Preservation methodCapsule: Please save to avoid high temperature.
Product SpecificationsMaterial: ABS resin
Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption: 1260 W
Cups: Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml)
Maximum pressure of pump: 19 atm
Water tank capacity: 0.6L
Main body: (width) 110x (depth) 325x (height) 205mm
Body weight: 2.3 kg
Country of originHungary


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